inflatable sail catamarans found on the web


boat name  link producer
HappyCat Light Grabner
Beachkat Beachkat
K 100 Feldkamp
Sailcat 14sc SeaEagle
Catwiesel Jujoba
Smartkat Smartkat
Catapult Fun Catapult Catamarans
EasySail EasySail s.r.o.
Ducky 13 Ducky
Aere Model 20 Praktek
Ducky 15 Ducky
Chinacat Chinacat
S 90 Feldkamp
K 120 Feldkamp
Ducky 19 Ducky
Ducky 17 Ducky
Catapult Sport Catapult Catamarans
K 70 Feldkamp
Minicat super Minicat
Minicat sport Minicat
Minicat standard Minicat
BaggyTec Dr. Peter Conrad
SibCat - 14-28 Kulik
Baikal - 22 Kulik
VarioCat Kajak Huette
Suncat 7 ?


Inflatable sail catamarans fill a specific niche. They can offer comfortable space on the trampoline (some), exciting sailing and speed (a few) and ease of transportation and storage (most). And all that at a moderate price. Therefore, they are my choice.


It was, however, very diffcult to find more than half a handfull of inflatable sail catamarans on the Internet. This is why I posted this overview. I hope it is helpful for other people interested in inflatable sail cats. I would be greatful to receive further hints on this subject from whoever has additional information.


More information on the individual catamarans will follow.

(C) Dr. Malte Koellner 2008 ff.